Looking for landscape supplies in Morayfield or the surrounding areas but aren’t sure where to go?
We at Landscape City can help you with anything from product type to general advice and quality
landscaping supplies and garden supplies.

We take landscaping seriously here at Landscape City, and pride ourselves on our extensive
knowledge of the industry and products that we stock and sell that can only come from years of
experience in the landscape business. We have grown significantly over the past few years due to our
quality expertise and insight.

We stock almost everything you can dream of for quality landscaping supplies from barks and mulch
to gravel, sands, soils and potting mixes and can help you define and shape your next project with
insightful advice on most any project you’re choosing to undertake.

When you undertake a project in landscaping, it’s important to assess beforehand what type of
materials you need, more often than not some materials may not be the best for the task at hand for
example, when building pavement, the type of sand required for the task has many ups and downs,
regular, while a superior sand for creating specific project, is a poor choice for paving when compared
to polymeric sand.

Morayfield Landscaping Supplies

The reason for this is in the details, while regular sand is great for mortar mix for bricks and
stoneworks, it isn’t the greatest choice for paving, rain can actually wash away regular sand in pavers
where as polymeric sand has more binding agents which will lock sand in place and give it a more
durable finish, this also helps in eliminating weeds and ants due to its durability, it makes it
exceedingly hard for weeds and ants to get through it and will leave your project looking perfect for
years to come.

These are just some of the small details that one might miss before undertaking a project, it helps to
get expert advice before you do this, that’s why we here at Landscape City have made it our mission
to know the ins and outs of Landscaping and aim to help you take the guesswork out of your next

If you would like to know more about the products we sell, or get advice on your next project, feel free
to visit us at https://landscapecity.com.au/ to send us an enquiry, or call us on 07 5499 0299.